Very unique animal eye images

Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan has studied eyes of animals followed by discovering about human eyes likewise through “Your Stunning Eyes” series. Good in other science topics such as physics and astronomy, he is proficient in playing five musical instruments. Such is his flexibility . He has taken close-range shots of animal eyes creating an “Animal Eyes” photo series, covering blue-yellow Parrot, Nile Crocodile, Husky Pet, Siam Cat , Chimpanzee, horse and human eye so that their minute parts, colors, and other complexities are simple to evaluate . Understanding quite well the method of applauding one’s eyes is one efficient way of enhancing , Suren has actually started taking close-ups of the animals’ eyes for valuing them more.

So search for macro photography eye you always needed. If you are trying to search for close up on eye, you have come on the amazing blog post.
Husky Dog

Now, check out Close-Ups of the Human Eye


Nile Crocodile


Siam Cat


Blue-Yellow Macaw Parrot