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An image of Iran that many people worldwide recognize with is the sight of Iran as a struggling nation plagued by an oppressive government , ultra-conservative ideological backgrounds, ruthless implementations, public demonstrations , reports of nuclear weapons, as well as females who are forced to wear head coverings such as chador. Iranian professional photographer Hossein Fatemi, nonetheless, provides a glimpse of a totally various side to Iran compared to the picture generally relayed by residential and foreign media. In his photo series An Iranian Trip, a lot of the photographs disclose an Iran that most people never ever see.

Providing an eye-opening take a look at the incredible variety and contrasts that exist in the country is this set of images .

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Two people read the Koran in a cemetery.

A salon only for women, where men are not allowed to enter or work.
A private rock concert. Rock music is forbidden, so shows like these are usually kept hidden.
An alternative view on Iran
Playing music in a park.
Two women play pool at a billiards hall, where only men are supposed to be allowed.
A local rock band practices in secret.
Two women uncover their heads, light up a cigarette, and relax on their balcony.
A customer tries on a bra while other women discuss undergarments in a store.