The Most Amazing Photos of Goats Climbing Tree, Morocco, Africa

What happened in Africa? People climb mountain or tree, it is not different but animal climb tree that is the question. In southwest Morocco, everywhere you look, you will find a lot of goats hanging out lazily from the tree tops, munching absentmindedly like overgrown crows. One of the amazing story we never heard before but it really happened in Morocco, Africa.

Argania is a genus of flowering plant containing the sole species Argania spinosa. The fruit is also a valuable source of oil, and an important source of economy for the Berber people of Morocco. The fruit, which is about 2–4 cm long, has a very hard nut surrounded by the fleshy part that the goats eat. Inside the nut contains one or two, small, oil-rich seeds. The fruit takes over a year to mature, ripening in June to July of the following year. Until this happens, the goats are kept out of the Argan woodlands, because the animals would often eat the fruit before it’s ripe, as well as the leaves stunting the growth of the trees. How amazing it is!