Norway During Sunset, Don’t Forget the Pictures of Them

Why do you want to visit Norway During Sunset? Norway, popularly known as the Land of the Midnight Sun, because the sun never really sets below the horizon from late May to late July in areas north of the Arctic Circle. While the rest of the country experiences up to 20 hours of daylight every day. I wonder how they sleep, from late November to late January, the sun never rises above the horizon in the north, and daylight hours are very short in other parts of Norway. You can imagine how beautiful the sunset and sunrise would be in these parts. Lets take a look at few pictures taken by Thomas Laupstad of the stunning show in the Norwegian sky. The view of the midnight sunset in Northern Norway. You can see the sunlight reflecting on the calm waters in the image below.

SunsetInNorway1 SunsetInNorway2