The Most Ghostly Sculpture Hovers Over City, It Awes Viewers Gently

The great event happened in the city it is the ghostly sculpture hovers over the Boston. The sculpture also appears different based on the light. During the day, it almost blends into the sky.  It spans the space, where an elevated highway once separated the waterfront from the city’s downtown region, and hovers some 600 feet overhead. The title was created for the city’s public art program by sculptor Janet Echelman. She used a special, lightweight twine that has a strength 15 times that of steel, yet sways and ripples gently in the slightest breeze. Keep your eyes with the great events.

Via:viralnova | Source:Janet Echelman

Installing such a large sculpture is not easy


The monumental installation is an interpretation of and homage to Boston’s history, as well as its progress.