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Amazing cool funny rude stickers

Instances are prevalent where incorrect parking of automobiles might require other motorists and parkers to break your profile mirrors or push your automobiles. However law does not allow such disrespectful habits or taking law into your hands. Under such circumstances , leaving windshield notes is the finest way to suggest the problem and avoid ugly arguments and damage to home. Lots of windshield notes are not without their element of mischief and ire. Some are mild , some vulgar and abusive , some awkward and some others requiring you to go wild. Adherence to driving rules and not annoying your fellow-drivers is the best course.

So start checking out asshole parking cards today. If you’re trying to search for asshole parking, you have stay on the ideal lading page.
I’m The Only Caucasian In My Part Of Town. I Found This Note On My Windshield Today

People Suck At Parking. You Should Let Them Know

That’ll Teach Me To Park In My Neighbor’s Parking Spot

My Mom Found This On Her Windshield

This Was On My Car When I Came Out The Shop, Very British Car Parking Note

Passive Aggressive Parking Note

I Just Watched A Girl Hit A Parked Car


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