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Amazing cool Japanese pottery

Kintsugi is the hundreds of year ‘s old Japanese craft of altering busted ceramic with distinct enamel cleansed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. Outstanding folds of gold shimmer in the breaks of terminated product , providing a remarkable look to the item. This repair service technique praises the antique ‘s one of a kind record by stressing the cracks and also breaks in contrast to stashing or masking them. Kintsugi regularly makes the repaired item a lot more superb compared to the very first , renewing the antique with new life.

The specialty of Kintsugi gets back to the late fifteenth century, making it over 500 years old.

So look into art of pottery you may need.

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credit: Kintugi

Charlotte Bailey

Tomomi Kamoshita

Yee Sookyung

credit: Wikipedia

credit: Awaken

credit: June’s Child

credit: The Book of Life

credit: The Book of Life

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