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Amazing outstanding stories on stars wars 2015

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Regardless of which generation you come from, it is truly tough to locate a person who is not a follower of the Star Wars collection. In this short article you will get to see the photos of all the stars who have actually starred in the films. The fascinating reality is that these photos are taken years apart. The snaps are fascinating as they will certainly reveal the distinction in their appearances that is the direct result of time.

If you have an interest in seeing these photos on your own then you should click the web link that is provided right here.

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Harrison Ford As Han Solo, 1980 And 2015


Ewan Mcgregor As Young Obi-Wan Kenobi, 2005 And 2015

Jake Lloyd As Young Anakin Skywalker, 1999 And 2015

Gilbert Carrasquillo

Liam Neeson As Qui-Gon Jinn, 1999 And 2015


Ray Park As Darth Maul, 1999 And 2015

Gary Miller

Ian McDiarmid As Palpatine, 2005 And 2015

Eric Risberg

Denis Lawson As Wedge Antilles, 1980 And 2015

Michael Buckner

David Prowse As Darth Vader, 1977 And 2015


Samuel L Jackson As Mace Windu, 2005 And 2015

MJ Photos

Hayden Christensen As Anakin Skywalker, 2005 And 2015

Gregg DeGuire

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