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Amazing cool shortest marriage

Marriage is the most sentimental phenomenon of everybody’s life and there are numerous intriguing truths you might discover related to this marital relationship. There are few marriages which last for an extremely short time period but the incidents of these marriages have actually become memorable for the rest their lives. In some of these marriages the couples are involved to each other in a weird method and they are grossly connected to each other. If you are interested to understand about these various incidents you can check out the link.

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The television host who cheated on his bride at his bachelor party

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The bride who was attacked by her new husband


The pop singer whose first marriage lasted 55 hours

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The actor who handcuffed his wife so she couldn’t run away

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The groom who died after saying “I do”


The actress whose marriage was annulled because she was already married

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The silent film actress who locked her husband out of the honeymoon suite

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