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Highly wonderful Sydney bird

Step into a particular alleyway in Sydney’s Angel Area and you’ll discover a wayward setup that’s implied to be both seen and listened to. Back in 2009, artist Michael Thomas Hillside created Forgotten Songs, an installment that plays tunes before the colonization and urbanization of the area .

The noises of the telephone calls change from day to night with daytime birds’ songs vanishing with the sun as well as nocturnal birds, which populated the area , sounding late right into the evening .

Initial commissioned as part of the City’s 2009 temporary laneway art program, the art work showed to be so preferred that visitors and also city occupants requested for it to stay as an irreversible public setup .

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credit: Guido lighthunter


credit: Steve Wakeman


hoto via consciousbreathing


credit: Michael Dirnberger


credit: Steve Wakeman


credit: Emmett Anderson

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