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The honeybee hive in Kew’s latest sculpture Created by the English artist Wolfgang Buttress

Have you any idea of bees on the globe? As bees are in charge of pollinating seventy types of the seeds we eat, we would just as well say that without them, our chances of survival are hard to find. Understanding the critical role of bees, the English artist Wolfgang Buttress created The Hive – a pavilion located in the Kew Gardens which opened up this June and will remain exhibited for 18 months. The Hive is a luxurious investment being the organizer a huge two-year chunk of the budget. The aim of the artist is to let visitors hook up with mother nature, particularly those moving into the cities. From afar the sculpture looks like a swarm of bees. When closer, the structure appears like a beehive whoever light and sound is handled by the excitement of an actual beehive found in the Royal Organic Gardens and linked to it. Check out the list of them here.

Source: Kew Gardens

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