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The Most Beautiful Places In Hobbiton, Tourist Destination of New Zealand

Hobbiton was a really wonderful experience for me. The definitely something only a fan of the videos would enjoy because the tour is basically of a construction site at the moment. All of the set will be remanufactured and changed for The Hobbit. The farm itself was beautiful and the rolling green hills were straight out of the film. There were a tiny walking tour of the whole area where a tourist guide told all of us all of the data about the filming, cast, and set. It was the cherry on top of the trip to me. It was definitely expensive because I had to pay the cost to be picked up in Auckland and driven there, but it was absolutely worth it in my opinion. That would probably not be worth the cost to your average LOTR fan. It will take some love for the film for your amount of money to be useful. When you want to visit in New Zealand, don’t forget to visit Hobbiton. Check out the list of tourist destination in New Zealand here.

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