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The Most Beautiful Ices with the Talent Creator

Brent Christensen is the creator of Ice Castles, an Utah-based company specializing in creating lofty ice castles by carefully orchestrating the freezing of water.

Contrary to most winter structures involving stacked ice blocks or maybe a carving method, Brent Christensen employs a more natural approach. Castle-building starts in the fall. Brent Christensen and his crew of trained personnel works on the program of sprinklers to squirt water onto metal holders to produce thousands of icicles that happen to be then gathered and stuck to scaffolds. The icicles are then simply drenched in water and, according to the temperature and wind, they grow in various shapes and composition. Gradually, over the study course of days ice cubes accumulates and different constructions emerge.

Keep time with the amazing talent art here and check out the list of the amazing ice below:

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